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Luuppi in a (nut)shell

What is Luuppi?

Luuppi is a student organization for both degree and exchange students of computer sciences, mathematics and statistics at the University of Tampere. Luuppi offers its members fun events with student colleagues as well as representation in administrative bodies. Luuppi is not a political organization.

Why join?

Luuppi’s events are perfect for getting to know other students from your own field. It’s also a great way to integrate into Finnish student culture. As a member of Luuppi ry you get to:

  • purchase elegant gray Luuppi student overalls (What? Check out: and even more elegant overall badges

  • take part in some awesome events, such as sauna evenings, board game nights, and kyykkä tournaments ( for free

  • take part in some very awesome events, such as movie or traditional theater nights, LAN parties, and foreign excursions for very reasonable prices

  • hang out in Luuppi’s office (Building Pinni B, room 0030) drinking free coffee or tea

  • use the online exam archive

More reasons can be found from

How to join?

Come to Luuppi’s office in Pinni B, room 0030, University of Tampere. Officially we’re open from Monday to Thursday from 1 pm to 3 pm but feel free to pop up whenever the doors are open.